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Insulated Whiskey Glass and Stainless Steel Sleeve

Updated: Feb 15

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The Old Fashioned Glass

Often called a Rocks Glass or Lowball Glass, this glassware is one of the first you should add to your collection as you build your home Craft Cocktail bar. Standing only about 4 inches tall, this versatile vessel can be used to serve liquor neat or on the rocks, lowballs, sours, and various other classes of cocktails.

The Old Fashioned glass as it was first known as is named after The Original Craft Cocktail, the Old Fashioned. It comes in two sizes: the old-fashioned glass (6 to 8 ounces) and the double old-fashioned glass (12 to 14 ounces).

Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

1 to 2 tsp Simple Syrup

3 dashes Bitters (Orange Bitters if you can find it)

Slice of Orange Peel, after first squeezing into glass

Muddle these ingredients... then add:

Crushed Ice

2 ounces Bourbon


Garnish with orange wheel and cherry

Serve with a cocktail straw or small bar spoon.

An Old Fashioned glass is used for drinks where they are "built" in the glass itself. This means you are not using a cocktail shaker or mixing glass, but you are making the cocktail in the glass it will be served. The Old Fashioned Cocktail is the original "built" cocktail.


Everyone who drinks whiskey neat or on the rocks has their favorite glass. This Insulated Whiskey Glass and Stainless Steel Sleeve from Asobu has quickly become one of ours.

The sleeve comes in multiple colors: Black, White, Plaid, Silver, and a stylish Wood Grain.

Capacity - The glass holds 10.5 ounces (311 ml) of your beverage of choice. This is oddly about halfway between an Old Fashioned and Double Old Fashioned in size. So if you are working with recipes to fill a Double Old Fashioned, you are going to need to recalculate for this glass size. 👎

Insulation - Needless to say this is the selling feature for this vessel. The double-walled stainless steel sleeve around the glass keeps your hands warm and your Craft Cocktail cold. It truly keeps your ice from melting which gives you longer to enjoy your libation! 👍

Utility - The glass has the ability to come out of the insulation sleeve, which is nice. This allows you to throw the glass in the dishwasher without the worry of messing up the sleeve. Some people have reported that the sleeve has a loose fit on the glass, but the version we have fits very well. 👍

Overall - We recommend this unique insulated glass. The ability to remove the glass and the insulation factor makes this product a winner. I wouldn't recommend you exclusively have a shelf full of these, but it makes for a nice one-off. It also makes for a great gift for someone that loves whiskey on the rocks.

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